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The team of dental technicians at Trudent Ceramics make high-quality crowns and bridges for dental clinics throughout Melbourne and the rest of Australia. With the high-quality dental prostheses produced at our dental labs, Melbourne patients can have a perfectly matched crown, bridge, or implant fitted by their regular dentist.

We work closely with dental clinics throughout Australia to ensure we can provide the very best from our dental laboratory in Melbourne. From the aesthetically pleasing, translucent finish of our zirconia laminated crowns, and porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns, to the versatility of an IPS e.max Press, a Lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic for restorations including veneers, inlays, onlays, and bridges, you are sure to find the right option for your patients available for manufacture at Trudent Ceramics.   


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Dental implants is a procedure where a titanium fixture is fused to the
bone of the jaw. Implants are used to support dental prostheses
such as crowns, implant-supported bridges or denture.
When considering new dental crown designs, Melbourne dentists can
contact the team at Trudent Ceramics for a free consultation where we
will showcase our works, including our extensive range of zirconia laminated.
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Trudent Ceramics - Products

We provide a wide range of dental application materials that are highly aesthetics and have countless happy clients. These materials include IPS e.max, a lithium disilicate glass ceramic (LS2), Zirconia, Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) and Implant.

Zirconia Laminated

Zirconia Laminated

IPS e.max

IPS e.max

Porcelain Fused To Metal (PFM)

Porcelain Fused To Metal (PFM)

Monolithic Zirconia

Monolithic Zirconia

Our monolithic zirconia crown and bridge restorations are milled from German made zirconia blocks, using computer-aided design & manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. As a dedicated CAD/CAM dental lab, Melbourne dentists can now order virtually unbreakable dental prostheses for their patients who may suffer from bruxism, or other conditions that make traditional prostheses an unsuitable choice.  

Our Roland DGSHAPE 5-axis milling machine delivers reliability, and an exceptionally high degree of accuracy, whether milling crowns, bridges, or implants.

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Manufactured locally in house to meet all Australian standards, all Trudent Ceramics products are made from the very best materials sourced locally from reputable suppliers so that dentists Australia wide can offer their patients a dental prosthesis that is safe, strong, and the perfect match for their natural smile. Our dedicated sales team will ensure that every one of our customers is looked after and given the information they need to select, order and receive delivery of the perfect prosthesis for their patients.

Many dentists prefer dental implants as an alternative to using a healthy tooth to support a crown or bridge. To ensure that all our dental clients can work with their preferred prosthesis, we have direct to fixture, cement retained, and cross pin dental implants available for your custom order. Having determined the best implant method and style for each patient’s needs, our dental clients can put in an order with full confidence that they will receive a high-quality prosthesis from the dental laboratory Australia can rely on for efficient turnaround times, exceptional communication, and the highest quality of prostheses.

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