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Dental Implant

With a titanium fixture supporting our high-quality dental prostheses, the implants manufactured at Trudent Ceramics give Melbourne dentists an ideal alternative to crown and bridge restorations that rely on the support of healthy teeth for restorative dental procedures.

Our dental implant lab in Melbourne is able to match colour and shape with a very high degree of accuracy, ensuring that your dental patients can enjoy a dental implant that is both the perfect fit and the ideal visual match.  

In order to ensure that every patient can expect the perfect fit, we can manufacture direct to fixture, cement retained, or cross pin implants.

Dental Implant Manufacturers

When choosing their preferred dental implant manufacturers, Melbourne dentists understandably want to know that they can order a variety of dental implants manufactured from the high-quality materials that will meet their patients’ needs.

We manufacture zirconia laminated crowns that display a translucent finish with low thermal conductivity. These biocompatible prostheses are suitable for patients with alloy sensitivity, and their CAD/CAM milled substructure provides a durable base for the aesthetically pleasing layered porcelain finish.

The strength and reliability of PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns mean they are still a popular choice for many dentists when performing implant crown restorations.

Of course, for situations where a full cast metal restoration is not advisable, we have monolithic zirconia prostheses, milled from all-zirconia blocks using the latest in CAD/CAM technology. Not only is zirconia a biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing material, but its well-deserved reputation, as the hardest material in use in modern dentistry, makes it suitable for even the most challenging dental applications.




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